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For over 15 years, I have dedicated my career to Education and Arts. I have a degree in Education and further developed my interests through a post-degree in Art Education.


Over the years, I have been teaching at schools and proposing workshops for babies and toddlers to teenagers and adults. I've also had the opportunity to propose creativity arousal workshops for those who felt blocked in their own creative process. Through these experiences, I've come to firmly believe that Art is not a tool within Education, but an invaluable and transformative experience on its own. 

I have been transiting in a diverse range of fields throughout my professional career, including Visual Arts, Literature, Pedagogy and the intersection of various knowledge domains. As an art aducator, it is my intent to propose immersive experiences and processes that bring together these different fields, envisioning spaces that encourage collaboration and meaningful participation.

I am continuously learning through the experiences I share with others. I'm also committed to helping others develop their skills and discover their creative potential. It is through these connections and exchanges that I keep moving and developing as an illustrator and art educator.

If you want to see more pictures and examples, tap here.

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