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From a young age, I was a very inventive and spirited child, always fascinated by artistic languages ​​such as theater, music and of course the visual arts. I was obsessed with drawing and used to paint everywhere. My parents quickly realized that I was going to draw the whole house, so they covered the walls with paper and kept me motivated!

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and then migrated to São Paulo, Brazil, in 2001. I got a degree in Education and a postgraduate qualification in Art Education, leading me to delve deeper into the enchanting world of Children's Literature.

I soon started working with children of all ages at schools and giving workshops. Working with Education and being around children throughout the years has given me the opportunity to experiment in my productions. The territory of childhood is free and creativity in children manifests itself spontaneously from curiosity, investigation and in the need to better understand the world. I find it fascinating!

Since 2016, I have dedicated myself to illustration, bringing my own perspective to life through visual storytelling. This journey has not only been a personal passion but has also allowed me to connect with diverse audiences and communities.


In my illustrations I try to incorporate vibrant colors, textures and symbolic elements. I can transition well between analogue and digital, and I try to use mixed techniques in my compositions, sometimes collage, colored pencils, gouache, chalk pastels or all at the same time.

I am currently living in France, where I continue to expand my experiences, making connections and enhancing my visual repertory. I intend to keep on exchanging, inspiring, nurturing creativity and contributing to a more vibrant and imaginative world.

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