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Fantaisie Polaire

Dijon, France

I was invited by the Théâtre des Sept Lieues, in Nantes, to illustrate the play Fantaisie Polaire, a very cute and magical story for early childhood, written by Flo Labérenne. This book-object was all handcrafted in the shape of a leporello, in partnership with Tache Papier Print Club Dijon and their staff, who printed a limited edition of 120 copies in silk screen. The binding and shaping of the leporello was also handmade by Alexandrine Thore and the artistic direction by Laurindo Feliciano. Joy Prudent and Jeff Mettay supervised the project.

Special thanks to all above and to the volunteers that helped throughout the process! 

Digital painting, silk screen printing and handmade binding, 2022.

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